We can be your catalyst for change

Sometimes you need a 'new' voice to shake things up. We will be the personable, inspirational and credible catalyst for helping you drive the change needed in your sport. 

We've been in your shoes!

I've worked at the coalface of community sport within local, regional and national sports organisations. I understand the challenges and know how hard it is to achieve meaningful, long-term growth for your sport or club in these difficult times.

Empathetic, knowledgeable, and 'lives in the real world'.

Relevant Experience

A Sports Management and Business graduate from Massey University, I have over 13 years' experience working in the sports development field. I've got a track record of success across NZ and the UK, having held positions across the spectrum from local development officer, operations manager, regional participation manager, to head of development at a national sports governing body. 

I have the 'how to' experience that can help you make real impact for your sport or club.

Leader Learners

I'm a learner by nature. I have an insatiable curiosity to get better and I take that approach into everything I do. 

My promise is that I will constantly learn so I can provide you with the cutting edge support you need to be successful.