Client Feedback

“We recently worked with Ian to provide virtual training to our national Field Force teams on effecting change within cricket clubs in their region. Ian’s lived experience doing just that with community and grassroots sporting clubs, coupled with his ability to translate this experience into actionable insights and tools, made this training highly effective.


It was just so great to have someone who spoke the same language as our workforce, and knew the bespoke challenges they face working with a volunteer customer base and provided practical solutions to these challenges.  The virtual training sessions provided by Ian were perfectly tailored to align with the other support initiatives we have been developing at Cricket Australia and brought to live how our workforce across Australian Cricket can best utilise these. We would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking to upskill their teams in developing skills around change agency, entrepreneurship in the sporting landscape, and community club development.”

Imogen Coles, Resource and Training Manager, Cricket Australia

"Ian was a fantastic help to Tennis Australia in delivering our inaugural Club Development Roadshow. His ability to engage and connect with volunteers all across Australia was truly incredible as he started to influence change across our club network. The structure and content of his workshop encouraged clubs to take a completely different approach when creating volunteer environments, the customer journey and seeing growth opportunities and bringing them to life. The way Ian engaged with the clubs and delivered the content completely engaged the audience as he encouraged them to use emotions and empathy as a way of connecting.


Ian was also able to connect with our staff delivery network as they were able to tap into his knowledge and skills to connect with clubs of varying sizes and experiences.


Ian brought a real energy to the Roadshow that was evident in all of the workshops and we have already seen clubs take action as an outcome of what was delivered. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with in engaging our clubs and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship."

Sarah Armstrong, Manager Club Development, Tennis Australia

“Ian is passionate, he cares, and he knows his stuff. From our first meeting, I knew that I wanted him to help us with some club capability work for tennis clubs. The only challenge was deciding what topic to choose as all of Ian's workshops are so relevant to so many clubs! Ian was a popular facilitator in our inaugural National Club Conference Series in 2019. He challenged our clubs to think differently about themselves and their customers, and wasn't afraid to be honest and direct about what society expects from sports clubs. We will certainly use Ian again - he's a pleasure to work with."

Jenny Fitzmaurice, Head of Participation and Coaching at Tennis NZ

“Club development is both the most difficult and important work that any sporting organisation can do. Ian's workshop with our front-line staff challenged all of us to go beyond the superficial, and dig deep to build extreme trust with club officials. Ian's easy going Kiwi style ws well received, and we've taken some important learnings to embed in our future behaviours”

Ken Barton, General Manager Government Relations and Places to Play, Tennis Victoria

"We had Ian deliver his 'Creating a great volunteer environment' workshop to a group of club administrators and volunteers across a wide range of sporting codes. Ian was able to effectively engage the participants in his own disarming manner and create an environment where everyone felt safe to dig a little bit deeper beneath the generic conversations that can dominate. Ian used his human centred approach to generate meaningful conversations and challenge previous patterns of thought around volunteering, guiding the participants to drill down to the essence of what it means to volunteer. This was something that was specifically mentioned in the feedback with many speaking of how much they enjoyed the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with fellow volunteers and speak freely about what being a volunteer meant to them. Ian also made a point to ensure that each participant had one thing which they were going to take away from the workshop and implement at their club. I would recommend Ian to any organisation looking to recalibrate their thinking and get back to their core purpose. I look forward to working with Ian more in the future."

Rory McKenzie, Community Sport Advisor, Sport Auckland

“Ian was able to facilitate a great session on the customer journey and entrepreneurism at our greater Wellington Regional Sport Managers forum. He provided a great understanding of these topics to our attendees and provided some excellent practical tools that could be taken away and worked through with our local sporting clubs."

Paul Cleary, Organisational Capability Lead, Sport Wellington

“Having Ian on board at the club has been brilliant as he is a very capable, inspiring, personable and modest guy. With his expertise and knowledge it certainly gave us the confidence to address issues at the club, culminating in massively improving our facilities with a new clubhouse. Ian patiently listens to our concerns, adding constructive relevant advice that helps us move forward. His knowledge of sports participation and developing your club to meet your needs is second to none. Ian has been instrumental in helping us shape and develop the club for a sustainable future. He will have inspired many clubs across Scotland"

Dawn Campbell, Galloway CC

“Ian was a fantastic help to Gala Cricket Club. The programme he set up made us think in a completely different way and try to become more community focussed, innovative and forward thinking, holding a series of different events including a dog walk, Tea in the Tent, and family days. As well as improving our reputation in the community, we returned one of our best ever financial years. It also resulted in Gala CC picking up the title of 'Club of the Year 2017' for our region of Scotland for our work, which we are extremely proud of.”

Kenny Paterson, Gala CC