See below some of the feedback from clubs and organisations we've worked with

"Ian was a fantastic help to Tennis Australia in delivering our inaugural Club Development Roadshow. His ability to engage and connect with volunteers all across Australia was truly incredible as he started to influence change across our club network. The structure and content of his workshop encouraged clubs to take a completely different approach when creating volunteer environments, the customer journey and seeing growth opportunities and bringing them to life. The way Ian engaged with the clubs and delivered the content completely engaged the audience as he encouraged them to use emotions and empathy as a way of connecting.


Ian was also able to connect with our staff delivery network as they were able to tap into his knowledge and skills to connect with clubs of varying sizes and experiences.


Ian brought a real energy to the Roadshow that was evident in all of the workshops and we have already seen clubs take action as an outcome of what was delivered. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with in engaging our clubs and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship."

Sarah Armstrong, Manager Club Development, Tennis Australia

“I worked with Ian whilst he was at Cricket Scotland as Head of Participation. Ian showed a great understanding of the challenges faced by sporting bodies in growing participation in the modern world. His understanding of societal trends and the impact on sports participation was outstanding. Even more impressive was his understanding of how sport needs to react to these changes and adapt offerings to suit the needs of the participants and his ability to influence at times traditional mindsets. Ian is a forward thinking professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Andy Hobbs, Senior Manager - Development Services, ICC

“I worked with Ian for 4 years when he was Head of Participation at Cricket Scotland. Over that period Ian was instrumental in developing and supporting a number of exciting initiatives designed to help grow cricket in Scotland. Ian was always willing to innovate and willing to learn from outcomes, good and bad, and over that period the Thriving Clubs programme  had considerable success. It is documented that a number of Scottish cricket clubs have evolved considerably as a result of this programme. It is also worth noting that other sports bodies such as England Golf, Football Association  of Wales, London Sport and the 2022 Commonwealth Games organisers are now delivering programmes based on the Thriving Clubs concept. On a personal note, Ian is great to work with. He listens, learns and acts and is a genuinely good guy. I was genuinely upset when I heard he was leaving Cricket Scotland. Having worked with dozens of sports bodies over the years, I can hand on heart say that Ian is one of the best, if not the best, sports development managers I have worked with. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to any sports and community organisations that wants to grow and become more innovative and enterprising.”

Svend Elkjaer, Partner, Sports Marketing Network

“Ian was instrumental in designing and driving through a major cultural change in Scottish cricket from the traditional club mentality to community driven sport hubs with cricket at their heart. This was an essential step to keep cricket relevant in response to societal change. In addition, and as part of that initiative, Ian moved cricket in Scotland into the social good space, thereby attracting new groups of participants as well as funding from new sources. The perception of cricket by the Scottish public benefitted hugely as a consequence. Ian is that rare combination of strong strategic thinker and an effective deliverer, both of which are done in an engaging and persuasive manner. But behind that engaging style lies a quiet but steely determination - what has to happen, happens!”

Tony Brian, Chair, Cricket Scotland 

“Having Ian on board at the club has been brilliant as he is a very capable, inspiring, personable and modest guy. With his expertise and knowledge it certainly gave us the confidence to address issues at the club, culminating in massively improving our facilities with a new clubhouse. Ian patiently listens to our concerns, adding constructive relevant advice that helps us move forward. His knowledge of sports participation and developing your club to meet your needs is second to none. Ian has been instrumental in helping us shape and develop the club for a sustainable future. He will have inspired many clubs across Scotland"

Dawn Campbell, Galloway CC

“Ian was a fantastic help to Gala Cricket Club. The programme he set up made us think in a completely different way and try to become more community focussed, innovative and forward thinking, holding a series of different events including a dog walk, Tea in the Tent, and family days. As well as improving our reputation in the community, we returned one of our best ever financial years. It also resulted in Gala CC picking up the title of 'Club of the Year 2017' for our region of Scotland for our work, which we are extremely proud of.”

Kenny Paterson, Gala CC

“I was fortunate enough to work with Ian at Cricket Scotland for over 2 1/2 years during which time Ian's team delivered over and above expectations. Launching new programmes into the community and winning global awards along the way, the team were superbly led and inspired by Ian. The senior management team also frequently tapped into Ian's energy and enthusiasm for sport and his dedication in bringing a new approach to equality and diversity which inspired a transformation in how cricket was delivered to minority communities and to girls and women across Scotland. Ian was recognised by both the Scottish Government and by the International Cricket Council (ICC) as a leader in his area and was frequently asked to contribute to projects. Ian left Scottish cricket in a much improved place with clubs and communities  working more closely together and in a more sustainable manner.”

Malcolm Cannon, CEO, Cricket Scotland