Our services are aimed at people, organisations and stakeholders within the sports industry that want to create a better future for grassroots sport or their teams. This includes, but is not exclusive to, national sports organisations, regional sports organisations, regional sports trusts, council sports departments, and clubs/community groups.


Are you looking for some 'cutting edge' sports development content for your next conference, forum or seminar series? We provide bespoke presentations and workshop facilitation that is innovative, inspiring and educational for your audience. 

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'Community Sport' Workshops and Long-term Club Development Programs

Designed to be interactive, thought-provoking and innovative, our themed workshops address key issues in modern sports development. Ideal for NSOs, RSOs and RSTs that are looking to provide a point of difference and inspire new thinking. Workshops include: 

- 'Creating a great volunteer environment'

- 'Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit'

- 'Meaningful Club Culture'

- 'The Customer Journey: How do you make them feel'

- 'Bigger than your bubble' - community engagement for sports clubs

Staff Training

Primarily aimed at NSOs and RSOs that want to develop the key skills of their sports development staff to make them more effective at delivering your strategy.

This session focuses on developing their key skills as a 'change agent' and embedding them into their everyday work.

Team Culture - not your normal culture session!

With a wealth of research now uncovering that the most effective teams are those that manage not only their 'cognitive culture' (purpose, vision, values), but just as importantly, their 'emotional' (feelings) culture, we focus on helping you develop the often overlooked 'emotional' culture, to make your team more effective.


Primarily aimed at Performance and High Performance sports teams, but also applicable to sports organisations, we help you develop a meaningful emotional culture to take your athletes, team or organisation to the next level.