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Empathy and understanding are at the core of what I do
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Move the sector forward - challenge the status quo and find solutions
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Ian Sandbrook
Founder and Owner
What we do

I founded Sport for Good Consulting because I'm passionate about making a difference in community sport, and wanted to provide the support to the sector that I wish I had over my 14+ years in sports development across NZ, Australia and the UK.

I grew frustrated with the big disconnect between articulate and well-meaning national sporting strategies and systems, and the 'real life' delivery and experiences at the coalface of community sport. I wanted to find effective ways to bridge that gap between strategy and delivery.

Therefore, I'm on a mission to support national, regional and local sporting organisations to embrace a more human and empathetic approach to sports development that will unlock innovative and effective ways to create the change you want.

Whether that's working with your clubs to become more relevant in a fast changing landscape; developing the skills of your sports development staff to be more effective at influencing change; or crafting a meaningful culture within your organisation or high performance teams, I aim to provide innovative, relevant, and practical support that creates tangible outcomes for you.

We inspire, enable and support people in the sports industry to embrace a more human and empathetic approach to drive positive changes for their sport.


This focuses on 3 main areas:


Community Sport

Helping club and community sport providers navigate an increasingly complex and challenging environment through a human centred, community focused approach. These long term interventions, workshops or presentations provide inspiring, practical and relevant support to initiate change with volunteers.

Workforce Development

Training workshops and webinars that develop the key skills of your front-line staff so they can more effectively deliver your strategy. Focuses on how they can become better change agents - the essence of their job.


Culture with feelings at the centre. Develop the emotional culture of your organisation or performance team - the secret juice for unlocking happier, more connected, and higher performing groups.