"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or other time"

Our Mission
Changing Sport for Good 

To inspire, enable and support grassroots sport providers to unlock their potential

Our Principles

Engage People

People at the heart of everything we do. Empathy and understanding as the cornerstone of a positive culture.

Positive Disruption

Challenge the status quo, encourage discussion, motivate people and make it fun.

Deal in the Real World

Simple, practical ideas and tools that make a difference at ground level and initiate change.


Less talking, more doing. Try it, learn from it, and improve it

Ian Sandbrook
Founder and Owner

I founded Sport for Good Consulting after witnessing during my 13+ years in the sports development field, many sports and clubs slowly losing their community connection and relevance. This has had serious consequences - clubs folding, falling team numbers, overburdened volunteers - and it's a trend that will continue unless we fundamentally change the approach.

What many sports took for granted - a steady stream of players, volunteers happy to give up large amounts of time, support from local businesses, people staying at the clubrooms......has been eroded by rapid societal changes and the unwillingness of sports providers to change in the hope that the good times will return.


I realised that for many sports to begin delivering meaningful growth and establishing foundations for sustainability we needed to change the culture and approach. And that approach needs to be grounded in community and social connection, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Sport for Good Consulting is all about helping sports providers unlock their potential. It's innovative sports development support to help grassroots sport flourish.

What we do

We inspire, enable and support grassroots sport providers to unlock their potential.

One question all sport providers should reflect on:


If your club or sport stopped now, how many people in your local community would really care?

A hard question that cuts right to the core but an important one if you're serious about the future of your sport. If people are to care about your sport, you have to care about them first.

We work with sports organisations and clubs to help make them relevant to their communities. We have seen the power of this approach and know that sports and clubs that are truly community-focussed are exciting, dynamic, fun and successful places to be.

Be brave, show leadership and take positive action.